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Car Steam Detailing

At KASHCO, our focus is on delivering exceptional services to every client we serve, whether you choose to visit our location or have us come to your home. Our top priority is ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the detailing work we perform on your vehicle.


We offer a range of services, from full vehicle cleanings for a single car to detailing your entire fleet, and we always provide the highest level of care for your vehicles.

Car8.jpeg Car steam detailing

Our Unique Car Detailing Technology Built by Lamborghini 

DSC_9933.jpg Car Steam Cleaning

This powerful cleaning machine, equipped with a steamer, shampooer, and vacuum all in one, can effectively restore your vehicles to their original, brand-new condition.

Benefits of Steam Detailing

  • Deep cleaning: Steam can penetrate deep into the surface and hard to reach areas in your car. 

  • Kills bacteria and germs: High-temperature steam can effectively kill bacteria that are harmful to your health.

  • Protects paint: Steam cleaning is gentle on the car's surface, therefore preventing any potential damage caused by harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods.

  • Quick dry: The drying time is relatively short, so you don't have to wait for long periods before driving your car.


Interior Detailing

  • Interior Steam Detailing

  • Floor Mat Vacuum

  • Interion Polishing

  • Seat Steam Extraction

  • Floor Mat Steam Extraction

  • Interior UV Protectant

  • Leather Seat Treatment

  • AC Vent Disinfection

  • Interior Treatment

Exterior Detailing

  • Steam Clean Exterior

  • Degrease & Steam Clean Wheels

  • Wheels & Tire Shine

  • Steam Clean Door Jams

  • Steam Clean Engine

  • Wax & Polish Paint

  • Paint Clay Bar Treatment

  • Engine Polishing


"We have been working with KASHCO for many years and will continue to do so. Their commitment to customer service is next to none. Their service is very efficient and the staff has been incredibly diligent in ensuring that our space is spotless. Always do a great job. Have no complaints."

MD -Vertex Agro Limited

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