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First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

A clean office fosters productivity, boosts employee morale, and leaves a lasting impression on clients.


Experience increased sales, happier employees, and a strong business image as we ensure your workspace shines with professionalism and excellence with professional office cleaning services in Abuja. 

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Commercial Cleaning Services Customized to Your Needs

You already have a lot to think about when you run a business, but cleaning shouldn't be one of them.


With our team of experienced professionals, we focus on meeting the unique cleaning needs of various industries, including industrial, office, medical, higher education, and specialty structures.

Our commercial office cleaning services are available round the clock, with access to cutting-edge equipment that allows us to tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks.


At Kashco Cleaning Services, we offer comprehensive commercial office cleaning solutions to elevate your workspace. Our office furniture cleaning services ensure a fresh and sanitized environment, promoting employee well-being and productivity.


Our floor and tile restoration services revive your floors' beauty, enhancing your office space's aesthetics and durability.


With our overnight cleaning services, you and your staff will enjoy a clean and productive workplace, ready to impress clients and create a positive first impression. Experience the benefits of a clean and inviting office, including improved employee satisfaction, enhanced professionalism, and a positive brand image.

Customized Commercial Cleaning Services 

Periodic Cleaning Services

Window Steam Cleaning

Light Bulb Cleaning

Blinds Cleaning

Tiles Striping & Waxing

Bathroom Cleaning & Disinfecting

Daily Cleaning Services



Wiping Down Surfaces

Bathroom Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

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