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Car Steam Detailing

Kascho Cleaning Services in Abuja offers premier car cleaning and steam detailing, ensuring your vehicle shines inside and out.


Our meticulous service enhances your car's aesthetics, maintains its value, and provides a sanitized, allergen-free environment.



Bring back the showroom shine and make your car the envy of the road.

Car8.jpeg Steam car wash

Our Unique Car Detailing Technology Built by Lamborghini 

DSC_9933.jpg Steam Cleaning

This powerful cleaning machine, equipped with a steamer, shampooer, and vacuum all in one, can effectively restore your vehicles to their original, brand-new condition.

Benefits of Car Steam Detailing

  • Deep cleaning: Steam can penetrate deep into the surface and hard-to-reach areas in the car. 

  • Kills bacteria and germs: High-temperature steam can effectively kill bacteria that are harmful to health. 

  • Protects paint: Steam cleaning is gentle on the car's surface, preventing any potential damage caused by harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods.

  • Quick dry: The drying time is relatively short, so you don't have to wait for long periods before driving your car.


Interior Detailing

Interior Steam Detailing

Floor Mat Vacuum

Interion Polishing

Seat Steam Extraction

Floor Mat Steam Extraction

Interior UV Protectant

Leather Seat Treatment

AC Vent Disinfection

Interior Treatment

Exterior Detailing

Steam Clean Exterior

Degrease & Steam Clean Wheels

Wheels & Tire Shine

Steam Clean Door Jams

Steam Clean Engine

Wax & Polish Paint

Paint Clay Bar Treatment

Engine Polishing

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