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Once The Dust Has Settled

Did you just finish a construction project or renovation work in your home? Regardless of your specific situation, after the construction workers and their equipment have been removed from your property, even if the contractors did a good job cleaning up, it still won't compare to the level of finish provided by our post-construction cleaning service.

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Post Construction Cleaning

KASHCO Cleaning strongly believes that our Post-Construction Cleaning Service provides the perfect level of attention to detail required to make your building project look its best.


Our cleaning technicians are diligent and proficient in various cleaning methods, with specialized experience in cleaning up after building crews. Unlike standard cleaning services, our post-construction cleaning entails a multitude of tasks.

Our Work Will Include:

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  • Baseboards, doors, doorknobs, and light switches

  • Built-in cabinets cleaned

  • Cabinetry (vacuuming and cleaning on the inside along with cleaning on the top and outside)

  • Vacuum all carpets, the middle sections and edges

  • Dust and clear the cobwebs from ceilings

  • Vacuum and dust closet rods, drawers, and shelving

  • Clean the top, sides, back, and front of the doors

  • Dust and polish the banisters and star rating

  • Clean all electrical outlets and switches

  • Vacuum and clean all interior masonry, like marble, rock, and brick, etc.

  • Clean all floor surfaces like marble, wood, and tile using appropriate formulas

  • Ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and bulbs

  • Clean all chrome, facets, and sinks

  • Behind and underneath all appliances like tumble dryers, washing machines, stoves, and fridges

  • Clean all mantels, handrails, door and window frames and baseboards, as well as all other woodwork


"We have been working with KASHCO for many years and will continue to do so. Their commitment to customer service is next to none. Their service is very efficient and the staff has been incredibly diligent in ensuring that our space is spotless. Always do a great job. Have no complaints."

MD -Vertex Agro Limited

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